Our Community

Our Community

Westend Dental

Our Community

Community Involvement

Westend Dental is a proud supporter of businesses working together for further growth and advancement of the neighborhoods and communities we serve. As a small business, we strive to support other small businesses through partnerships, advocacy and sharing information for greater success.

As a member of the Lincoln Park community for over two decades, we are proud to serve the residents of this historic neighborhood and surrounding Chicago area. We are also proud to contribute to Chicago’s overall business development. Our friends and supporters within the business community help us to continue to succeed, and we are happy to reciprocate their efforts.

Proud supporter of the following Lincoln Park organizations:

  • Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce This proud organization has helped support new and existing businesses in the Lincoln Park area since 1947. Made up of over 450 different organizations and business owners, their continued cooperation allows us to thrive in this vibrant neighborhood. We value our membership and their leadership.
  • Chicago-area Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce We value the support and contributions from the Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, whose mission is to promote economic opportunities for the LGBT community. We are proud to support equality for all and serve all communities.

Pay It Forward

At Westend, we believe in paying it forward and helping those however we can, with what we can. Through volunteerism, in-kind gifts, donations and monetary contributions, Westend Dental has helped a variety of nonprofit organizations including:


Westend Dental offers dental health seminars for community and employee health fairs, as well as private seminars featured to employees by their employer. If you are interested in teaming up with Westend Dental to host a dental health seminar for your group or workplace, please contact us. We’d love to share our dental health information with your group and bring smiles all around.

Lincoln Park Partners

Throughout our time spent here in Lincoln Park, Westend Dental has made some wonderful friendships with many different offices from around the city. We recommend any of these wonderful offices and have complete trust in them to meet your health needs.

Office Websites: