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The Many Causes Of Teeth Stains

Teeth stains are completely normal! And, luckily, in most cases, a very easy issue to combat.

While gleaming, white teeth are not hard to obtain, everyday foods and other indulgences can make then difficult to maintain. Of course, there are many other factors such as tobacco use and even genetics that can impact the severity of stains adhering to or within your teeth.

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Teeth Whitening Options

If you’re looking to improve your smile, teeth whitening is a safe, effective and reasonably priced option to consider! With whitening options ranging from in-office to in-home, and with various levels of whitening strengths and types of procedures, there are choices for everyone.¹

Learn more about how teeth whitening can help you achieve a whiter, brighter smile along with some of the more popular teeth whitening options available. Continue reading “Teeth Whitening Options”

Teeth Whitening Expectations

We all like the look of clean, sparkling white teeth. But, realistically, the brightest and whitest teeth may not be achievable for everyone. Before you begin a tooth whitening regimen or undergo a laser whitening treatment, such as Zoom Whitening, it’s important to temper your whitening expectations so that you that the outcome is aligned with a reasonable whitening potential based on your current oral health, existing dental work and/or habits. Continue reading “Teeth Whitening Expectations”

Reducing Pain and Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening Treatments

Teeth whitening treatments, including in-home whitening trays or strips and laser whitening treatments such as Zoom whitening, can cause high levels of teeth sensitivity or pain for some people. Usually, people with sensitivity to teeth whitening will experience discomfort or pain during whitening treatments or in the minutes, hours or days following a specific treatment. Continue reading “Reducing Pain and Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening Treatments”

Saving Space for Permanent Teeth with a Space Maintainer

If your little one’s teeth have begun to fall out, and their permanent replacements appear to be lagging far behind, you may wish to consider a space maintainer to minimize future orthodontic work. Believe it or not, the absence of your child’s teeth might seem cute now, but those tiny little gaps can cause deep gouges in your pocketbook as you watch them fill up with teeth that don’t belong there. Space maintainers are simple to use, kids get along fine with them, and they have become the de-facto standard for protecting the cosmetic and functional aspects of your child’s dental health.

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Making the Grade: Dental Health for College Students

Fall means back-to-school time and for many college freshmen they have one month of campus life under their belt. These same students are seizing independence, dictating their own schedules and doing things on their own time. But between campus activities, Greek life and the standard classes, papers and tests, one of the things that is not top priority is their dental health. Continue reading “Making the Grade: Dental Health for College Students”

Invisalign Patient Profile: Jenn

As a busy freelance photographer, wife and mother Jenn always wanted to straighten her smile but didn’t have enough time with the upkeep of traditional metal braces. Jenn never had braces in her adolescent years and as an adult she continually saw features about her smile that she wanted to change. Continue reading “Invisalign Patient Profile: Jenn”

Invisalign Patient Profile: Amy

Long-time Westend Dental patient, Amy, was never overly enthusiastic about her once straight smile. Despite having braces during her adolescent years, Amy’s teeth shifted when her wisdom teeth grew in. After this Amy’s smile always annoyed her. Continue reading “Invisalign Patient Profile: Amy”

Smile Safety in Sports

Physical activity and exercise are crucial for overall well-being but don’t forget to protect your teeth while active. According to the ADA, approximately 39% of dental injuries are sports-related. If you’re playing a sport this summer make sure to protect your smile with a mouthguard. Continue reading “Smile Safety in Sports”

Eat Right for Healthy Teeth

Brushing and flossing are important but eating healthy foods are necessary to provide your smile with the nutrients it needs. For example, eating kiwis for Vitamin C and dairy products for Calcium will help strengthen teeth and bones, essentially slowing down wear and tear from chewing, grinding and more. Continue reading “Eat Right for Healthy Teeth”