What Is Cosmetic Dentistry and How Can Westend Help?

Ask individuals to explain which procedures qualify as cosmetic dentistry, and you might be surprised by the breadth of answers you’d get. Some would highlight surgical procedures such as tooth implants or gum lifts. Others might draw attention to relatively simple treatments such whitening or straightening.

In truth, any procedure designed to make the appearance of your teeth, bite, gums, and mouth more attractive could be called cosmetic dentistry. The field covers so much territory that the American Dental Association doesn’t consider it an official type of specialty dentistry. Still, people often want to alter their smiles, and as long as it involves teeth, a Chicago dentist can help.

Typical cosmetic dentistry procedures include:Cosmetic dentistry

  • Bonding (applying a special resin in order to change the shape of a tooth)
  • Reshaping (removing sections of natural enamel to shorten overly long or mismatched teeth)
  • Crowns (a tooth-shaped cap place over an existing enamel stub)
  • Veneers (porcelain shells applied to existing teeth to provide a new appearance)
  • Composite Fillings (naturally colored fillings that render dental work more inconspicuous)
  • Gum Grafts (transplantation of tissue to shore up receding gum lines)

These are only a few of commonly used cosmetic dental procedures in the industry.

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Westend Dental offers numerous cosmetic procedures. Our cosmetic dentistry offerings include dental bonding, porcelain veneers, and GLO take-home whitening. We also offer dental restoration options, which include implants, crowns, and bridges.

If you’re concerned about the cost of these procedures, don’t worry! Not only do we provide interest-free financing, we have promotions for new and established patients alike. First-time patients can receive substantially discounted hygiene visits, while those who refer friends receive account credit and can join our rewards program.

What Effects Does Cosmetic Dentistry Have on Patients?

Most cosmetic procedures involve at least some small amount of discomfort, but the end results make it more than worth it. A winning smile. A more professional appearance. Compliments from others. Increased romantic options. There are all real and true benefits of cosmetic dental procedures.

But there’s a more fundamental effect of cosmetic dentistry: increased self-confidence. A study from Journal of Dentistry entitled “Psychological effects of aesthetic dental treatment” examined a small group of people who  became cosmetic dentistry patients. “A study group of 17 patients, unhappy with their dental appearance, were assessed psychologically at the pre-operative, immediate post-operative, and six-month review stages,” the study’s abstract states.

The end result? “Highly significant changes in a positive direction were observed in the study group in responses to a Body-Esteem questionnaire at each stage in the procedure. The study shows that aesthetic restorative treatment has a positive effect on patients’ self-esteem.” In other words, having a great smile really does make you feel better about yourself.

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