Dentist Fitted Mouth Guards Offer Protection For Athletes & Bruxism

Mouth guards often convenient protection for your pearly whites in many situations ranging from sports to bruxism (grinding your teeth). In addition to protecting your teeth using shock absorption, a mouth guard can also prevent injury to your cheeks, gums, tongue and jaw in the event of a direct impact to your mouth, or inadvertent grinding.

Who Needs To Wear a Mouth Guard?Westend Dental can help you with a custom, dentist-fitted mouth guard.

If you play sports that involve direct contact or regular collisions, it is very important, and likely required by the league, that you wear a mouth guard to protect yourself and your opponents. This is especially true for sports like football, hockey, boxing and wrestling, but is becoming more and more popular for soccer, basketball and lacrosse, among many other sports where contact with people, equipment or hard surfaces is common.

You can pick up off-the-shelf or boil-and-bite mouth guards at nearly any local pharmacy or sporting goods store but there are many advantages to a dentist fitted mouth guard. For one, a custom fitted mouth guard can usually last a few years while the lifespan of a store bought mouth guard may not even last the entire season as regular contact with teeth and saliva more readily wears down the materials.

The Advantages of a Custom Mouth Guard

Outside of general protection, some of the other common benefits of a custom, dentist-fitted mouth guard include:

  • A secure and proper fit
  • Less bulk
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Long lasting, high-quality materials
  • Easy breathing

How a Mouth Guard Can Actually Save You Money

Damage to your teeth in any form, let alone getting a tooth knocked out, is a huge pain – both physically and on your wallet. By simply wearing a dentist fitted mouth guard you can offset both the discomfort and costs associated with fixing a broken, chipped or lost tooth, along with any future dental complications that arise from such an accident.

Alternatively, if you use a mouth guard, or night guard, to help combat bruxism you can minimize the discomfort that often arises from associated headaches or even permanent damage or breakage to your teeth.

Getting a Dentist Fitted Mouth Guard is Fast & Easy

Creating a custom, dentist-fitted mouth guard usually only requires a single visit to your dentist. After an impression of your teeth and gums is taken using a soft, putty-like material, your dentist will create a customized mouth guard that fits your mouth perfectly. Most often, either acrylic or plastic materials are used to create the final mouth guard.

If you’re in the Chicago area and looking for a custom, dentist-fitted mouth guard, the Westend Dental team looks forward to working with you!

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  1. The other day, my brother was telling me about how his son is interested in playing football. I think this is wonderful, but I also think that he should invest in a mouthguard for his son’s protection. He would like knowing too that mouthguards can save you money by avoiding repair to damaged teeth.

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