Does going to the Dentist scare you? You’re not alone and you may want to think about Sedation Dentistry for your dental work in Chicago.

Many people fear going to the dentist, but neglecting your dental care is never the right idea sedation dentistry is a treatment option which allows specially trained dentists to provide patients with severe anxiety a more comfortable dental experience. This treatment uses sedatives to help patients relax enough for the procedure. The use of sedatives helps to set patients at ease, and this occurs by removing the distraction of outside stimuli such as a drill or the doctor’s hands. Sedation Dentistry helps dentists customize their treatment for patients to ensure the most comfortability.

Sedation for dental proceduresIn addition to using this method for patients with fear and anxiety, it can help other patients who may face difficulties with their dental treatment, such as:

  • Low pain tolerance
  • Restlessness
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Overactive gag reflex
  • Exceptionally long procedures

While there are many benefits to this method, like any medical treatment, sedatives come with some inherent safety concerns. There are some risks that come with sedatives that, while uncommon, can have serious repercussions. These risks are not always predictable, so when making your decision, discuss your medical history with your dentist. You dentist should refer to this to make sure you are an ideal candidate for sedatives, which is an important part of deciding whether or not this treatment option is for you.

If you believe that Sedation Dentistry is the best or only option for your dental care, contact Chicago’s Westend Dental today! (773-244-9500)

We believe in making your dental experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible, which includes offering the option of sedatives to our patients who need help to get through their procedures. You don’t have to suffer through a procedure that is outside of your comfort zone, our staff will help you to find the ideal method to provide you with a visit that won’t leave you dreading the next time you have to come in. Our highly-trained professionals have the experience to make your experience with sedatives a positive one.