Invisalign 101 – The Easy Way to a Perfect Smile

Most adults want perfectly aligned teeth, but they are hesitant to commit to years of wearing metal braces. Westend dental is your Chicago dentist to ask about questions concerning using the Invisalign system to align your teeth. Invisalign offers an excellent solution without changing the overall appearance of the face in the meantime. 

What is Invisalign? 

Invisalign is a system of plastic aligners that move your teeth into alignment. They replace a mouthful of metal braces with a clear plastic tray that does the same job. The aligners are worn 24 hours a day, except for brief periods for eating or cleaning.  

Invisalign’s Advantages over Traditional Braces 

Many people choose Invisalign for their superior appearance over braces. However, they have other advantages as well: 

  • For many patients, Invisalign treatment can take up to 50% less time to align the teeth than braces. 
  • They can be removed for eating, avoiding the burden of eating certain foods such as corn on the cob. 
  • Teeth are easier to clean when the aligners are removed. Braces make it difficult to get into every crevice and cavities can develop under the brace. 
  • There are no wires to break or cut your cheek. The plastic trays are smooth and comfortable. You’ll hardly notice them once you are used to them. 
  • Unless you tell them, most people will never notice that you are wearing Invisalign. Braces tend to attract unwanted attention. 
  • Invisalign is a comfortable solution that delivers excellent results. 

Chicago Invisalign treatment optionsInvisalign Aligners and How They’re Made?

A physical mold is used to create a computerized model of the mouth. This model is used to create intermediate models that bring the teeth into alignment in their desired positions. New molds are made for each stage and the individual aligner trays are created. You wear the aligners in order, with each new aligner moving the teeth closer to the desired position.

How is the Patient’s Invisalign Treatment Plan Determined?

Every mouth is different, so each treatment plan is individually created. Using the computerized model and additional data about how your teeth move, your dentist will model the movement of the teeth into the desired position. Individual aligners are modeled and created for small increments of movement. At your appointments, the position of the teeth is checked to make sure they are moving as expected and desired. Adjustments can be made as needed and applied to the next set of aligners.

How Can Westend Dental Help?

If you believe that Invisalign treatment might be beneficial for you, let’s discuss it at your next appointment. It won’t correct severe bite issues or severely overcrowded teeth, but most people can achieve correct alignment in 12 months or less.

At Westend Dental, we are committed to giving the best care possible to our patients. We will objectively assess your teeth’s alignment problems and help you choose the best method to correct the problems. You need sound advice from an objective source. Who better than your local Lincoln Park dentist?