Is It Safe to Whiten your Children’s Teeth?

A healthy, dazzling smile is important for kids and adults. But what if your child’s teeth are yellow or stained? Is it ok to use whitening products on your child’s teeth? Here is what you need to know to keep your child’s smile safe and beautiful.

Is There an Appropriate Age to Begin Whitening your Teeth?

Teeth whitening recommendations for childrenThe American Dental Association agrees that whitening products are safe for children and teens under the following conditions:

  • The child has lost all baby teeth
  • All adult teeth have been in place for at least 2 years
  • Orthodontic treatments are complete

If your child meets these conditions, it is best to consult your Lincoln Park dentist before deciding on a teeth whitening program. There are different options available and while most are designed for adults, your dentist can recommend safe choices for your child.

Under some conditions, dental whitening may be recommended even though your child does not meet these conditions. Discuss your child’s unique situation with your dentist to determine if whitening is appropriate.

Are Whitening Procedures More Suitable for Adults?

Most over the counter whitening products are designed for use by adults and may be too harsh for young children. A child’s teeth are more permeable and have thinner dentin than an adult’s and can be damaged when whitening products are too strong or used improperly. Tooth and gum sensitivities can result. If you choose to use whitening products on your child’s teeth, discuss suitable products with your Chicago dentist and use them as recommended.

What Whitening Products are Available?

The easiest option is a whitening toothpaste however this option is not recommended for most children and teens. The tooth enamel is still hardening in children and is more susceptible to erosion from the abrasives found in whitening toothpaste formulas.

Most dentists recommend hydrogen peroxide bleaching products in a slightly milder formula for children. Over the counter gels and strips are a possibility, however they are usually designed for adults. The best solution is a professional treatment done in the dentist’s office or take-home trays designed to fit your child’s teeth and used with a child appropriate whitening formula.

What Does Westend Offer in Terms of Whitening Procedures?

Westend Dental recommends the GLO Whitening system. These products use Guided Light Optics (GLO) to activate a whitening gel for best performance. The combination of heat and light work with the hydrogen peroxide formula to provide a superior whitening experience.

The GLO Whitening system is available for in-office treatments at our Lincoln Park dentist offices or for at-home care. These treatments are effective and easy to work into your busy schedule. Contact Westend Dental or call 773-224-9500 for more information on GLO Teeth-Whitening or for more information on whitening your child’s teeth. We would be happy to discuss your options and recommend the best solutions for your needs.