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Our local experts in Chicago dentistry that will give you plenty to smile about when you come to Westend Dental!

Here, we are all about smiles. We believe in bringing out your best possible smile with our innovative techniques, which when combined with our attentive patient care which will leave you wondering why you ever worried about going to the dentist. Three of the services we offer are:

Each of these services can play an important part in giving you a smile worth smiling about! Continue reading “Our local experts in Chicago dentistry that will give you plenty to smile about when you come to Westend Dental!”

Visit an Award-Winning Dental Office

Your smile is the most important part of you. It is the first thing people see when they look at you, and it is the last thing they see when they say “goodbye.” A beautiful smile can boost your self-esteem and confidence. Only an award-winning dental office in Chicago can give you an award-winning smile that captivates every person you meet. Westend Dental is that dental office and you can place your trust here. Continue reading “Visit an Award-Winning Dental Office”

Invisalign Patient Profile: Jenn

As a busy freelance photographer, wife and mother Jenn always wanted to straighten her smile but didn’t have enough time with the upkeep of traditional metal braces. Jenn never had braces in her adolescent years and as an adult she continually saw features about her smile that she wanted to change. Continue reading “Invisalign Patient Profile: Jenn”

Westend Visits SAVO

Recently Westend Dental visited the downtown Chicago offices of SAVO, a sales enablement and social collaboration company, to present a dental hygiene seminar as part of SAVO’s award-winning employee benefits program. Continue reading “Westend Visits SAVO”

Invisalign Patient Profile: Amy

Long-time Westend Dental patient, Amy, was never overly enthusiastic about her once straight smile. Despite having braces during her adolescent years, Amy’s teeth shifted when her wisdom teeth grew in. After this Amy’s smile always annoyed her. Continue reading “Invisalign Patient Profile: Amy”

Why Straight Teeth is About More Than Just Looks

Having straight teeth may seem only cosmetic, but a perfectly aligned smile is more than a luxury. Straight teeth have a huge impact on your dental health as well as your overall well being. Without a straight smile you are more susceptible to decreased health in several ways.

Continue reading “Why Straight Teeth is About More Than Just Looks”

Maintain Healthy Gums

Everyone knows brushing and flossing two times a day maintains dental health, but what about your periodontal (gum) health? A huge factor in maintaining healthy gums is correctly aligned teeth and bite. Check out our Straight Talk on Crooked Teeth video to see how misaligned teeth can impact your periodontal health.

Dental flossIf you’re interested in straightening your smile, don’t miss out on our limited time Invisalign offer! Call the office to schedule your complimentary consultation today.

Don’t Lose Your Insurance Benefits

Something you may want to consider, as the end of the year approaches, is that many dental insurance plans are structured with benefits that expire at the end of the year. Flexible spending accounts (FSA or HSA) are excellent tools to help defray medical costs. However, many plans offer benefits that do not carry over to the next year. Continue reading “Don’t Lose Your Insurance Benefits”