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We fund raised $9000! Thank you!

As some of you may know, a handful of the Westend team took on a challenge to not only run 13.1 miles in the Indianapolis 500 Mini-Marathon but also raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society with their Team in Training Program. After training through the Polar Vortex, hosting fund raising events and spreading awareness on Leukemia & Lymphoma, the Westend team finished their half marathon and raised approximately $9000 for LLS! So from the Westend team we want to say to everyone who supported us… Continue reading “We fund raised $9000! Thank you!”

Visit an Award-Winning Dental Office

Your smile is the most important part of you. It is the first thing people see when they look at you, and it is the last thing they see when they say “goodbye.” A beautiful smile can boost your self-esteem and confidence. Only an award-winning dental office in Chicago can give you an award-winning smile that captivates every person you meet. Westend Dental is that dental office and you can place your trust here. Continue reading “Visit an Award-Winning Dental Office”

Westend is Team in Training

It may not be January, but many of the team members at Westend Dental have already made at least one resolution: to help end blood cancers. That’s why Westend Dental’s Ginny, Bernadette, Megan P., Amber & Kimberly have signed up to run the Indianapolis 500 Festival Half-Marathon for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training.

Continue reading “Westend is Team in Training”

Turning to Dentistry for Breast Cancer Diagonosis

Countless research has shown the correlation of healthy dental hygiene habits resulting in better dental and overall health, and the link between dental and breast health in women is no different.

When one’s dental health is neglected it introduces the ability of built-up bacteria from the mouth and gums to spread to other areas of the body. Once this bacteria moves throughout the body, it has the potential to cause further damage such as an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even breast cancer. Continue reading “Turning to Dentistry for Breast Cancer Diagonosis”

Making the Grade: Dental Health for College Students

Fall means back-to-school time and for many college freshmen they have one month of campus life under their belt. These same students are seizing independence, dictating their own schedules and doing things on their own time. But between campus activities, Greek life and the standard classes, papers and tests, one of the things that is not top priority is their dental health. Continue reading “Making the Grade: Dental Health for College Students”

Swap that Candy for Cash!

Westend Dental will be holding its 3rd annual Halloween Candy Buy-Back to support Operation Gratitude in its mission to lift morale among the military community by sending care packages addressed to individual soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines deployed overseas.

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Donate to the Toy Closet!

Would you like to give encouragement to children affected by a major life crisis? Donate a new toy to our September Charity of Choice, The Toy Closet, and you can give a small piece of comfort that will empower a child towards a new beginning. Continue reading “Donate to the Toy Closet!”

Improving for our Patients

In today’s fast-paced society it’s no surprise that 78% of Americans express an interest in mobile health solutions. Despite the evolution towards tech-centered health care, Westend Dental is continually focusing on how to make our patient experience as personal and individualized for our patients as possible. Continue reading “Improving for our Patients”

Invisalign Patient Profile: Jenn

As a busy freelance photographer, wife and mother Jenn always wanted to straighten her smile but didn’t have enough time with the upkeep of traditional metal braces. Jenn never had braces in her adolescent years and as an adult she continually saw features about her smile that she wanted to change. Continue reading “Invisalign Patient Profile: Jenn”

Westend Visits SAVO

Recently Westend Dental visited the downtown Chicago offices of SAVO, a sales enablement and social collaboration company, to present a dental hygiene seminar as part of SAVO’s award-winning employee benefits program. Continue reading “Westend Visits SAVO”