Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding

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Dental Bonding

Thinking about revamping your smile? Dental bonding might be right for you!

The process of dental bonding is relatively simple. First, your dentist applies a layer of tooth-colored durable resin to your teeth. Next, it’s cured with a visible blue light, bonding the material to the teeth. This improves the look of the teeth and can be used to fill gaps and chips, lengthen the teeth, and even re-contour the mouth. The technique isn’t just for cosmetic purposes, either; it can be used to protect exposed roots or repair decaying teeth, as well.

Dental bonding is among the least expensive and quickest cosmetic dental procedures. While veneers and crowns are customized in a lab, bonding can be completed in a single office visit, depending on how many teeth are being treated, and typically does not require anesthesia. Most patients report very few side effects and minimal discomfort after the procedure, but some do find they have some sensitivity to hot and cold foods, or discomfort when eating hard or crunchy foods. Over the counter pain medication usually helps with this discomfort.

The dental bond can last many years! Depending on the bond used, patients can go many years without replacing the bond. We suggest that patients refrain from biting their nails and chewing on objects like pens, as this can wear down the bonding material and tooth enamel over time. We also discourage patients from smoking tobacco products, as the bonding material and teeth can become stained yellow or brown.

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