Opalescence Boost Whitening System

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Opalescence Boost Whitening System

Searching for effective teeth whitening treatment with fast results? Our new Opalescence Boost professional teeth whitening treatment could be the perfect solution for you! We now offer this service in our Lincoln Park office to provide you with the treatment necessary to achieve a picture-perfect smile.
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How it Works

With only two or three 20-minute treatments, your smile can look brighter and whiter than ever before! Let’s face it, typical LED teeth whitening lights can sometimes be uncomfortable and may sometimes cause tooth and gum sensitivity. The Opalescence Boost treatment is chemically activated, so there is no need to worry about the hassle of hot or unpleasant LED teeth whitening lights. The whitening gel is vegan, certified gluten free, and contains potassium nitrate and fluoride, which has a calming effect for the nerves on your teeth. When you leave our dentist office, you’ll be feeling good as new!

What to Expect

The process is simple. First, we will determine the shade of your teeth’s natural color. A lip and cheek retractor will be put in your mouth to keep your tongue and lips away from the whitening gel. To avoid gum irritation from the gel, a protective barrier will be placed around your gumline. The Opalescence Boost whitening gel will then be applied to your teeth gently with a brushed tip. After each 20-minute period, the gel will be suctioned off and we will evaluate the shade change of your teeth. In approximately an hour, you can see amazing results that you would have never imagined could be possible.

Why Opalescence Boost Whitening System?

Our trained professionals work closely and carefully to ensure that you receive the results you desire without damaging your oral health. A vast majority of individuals who buy at home teeth whitening kits or whitening strips tend to misuse the products. This may lead to oral cavity damage, thinning of the enamel, and decayed teeth. The Opalescence Boost’s prescription-strength formula is stronger and more effective than most over-the-counter teeth whitening products. When using at home products, you must wait hours, days, or even weeks to see results. The Opalescence Boost Whitening System offers a more convenient and cost-efficient alternative, as it can typically require only one dental office visit to achieve your first results.


Say goodbye to expensive at home teeth whitening kits, whitening strips, and LED whitening lights that stimulate tooth sensitivity. Interested in a REAL smile makeover? Contact us today at our Lincoln Park office for a complimentary consultation to discuss the Opalescence Boost whitening system and how it may successfully brighten your smile.

"I’ve been coming here for years for cleanings. This summer I got enamel micro abrasion done to get rid of white spots on my teeth caused by having braces. My experience was awesome. The price was extremely reasonable and it covered as many in-office visits as needed to get the best possible results. The staff is very friendly (especially the woman that did most of my in-office procedures, thank you Magalay!) and you can hear Dr. Fiore and the rest of the staff joking and enjoying each others company. It’s a very friendly, comforting environment. I would suggest getting micro abrasion here!"

Brittany M.